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Structural Steel Fabrication Tools and Equipment

Structural steel is among the numerous steel types. This kind of steel is majorly utilized in the building sector since it’s relatively stronger compared to other forms. Structural steel manufacturing is practically like the welding procedure and utilizes somewhat similar tools, equipment, and machines as those involved in welding additional alloys. The most common structural steel manufacturing equipment and tools are:

Oxy-gas Torches
Independent oxyfuel torches with different fuel gases and oxygen have been utilized to either cut or weld parts of structural steel. All these torches normally use acetylene, gas, propylene, and hydrogen. They are perfect for bodily and small scale manufacturing.

Magnetic Drill
This is the very best instrument for drilling heavy items that can’t be moved or lifted.

Cold Saw
A chilly saw is a handheld and mobile saw machine using an electric engine and a round, toothed blade. MELFAB Engineering provides complete Metal fabrication in Melbourne. Cold generators produce the lowest price per cut among most of the sewing methods. The blade rotates at high speed for rapid, precise cutting edge.

Metal fabrication in Melbourne

Hem Band Saw
The machine offers flexibility and control to the alloy fabricator as the strain exerted, blade strain, and manual arm can be corrected manually. The manual management feature is situated in the front of the saw, which makes it simpler for the fabricator to watch cuts since they’re made.

Shot Blaster
A shot blaster can be used for polishing, cleaning, and rust steel constructions. The machine utilizes spherical shots or chunks, sand, and silicon carbide granules to wash and polish the surfaces, which makes them ready for additional coatings.

Plate Processor
This system is used for the automated generation of plate steel parts that need punching for any shaped holes, form cutting edge, shape thermal cutting through high definition plasma screen, drilling, and component marking.

A press brake system can be used to fold or bend the mats and plates of structural steel by hammering them involving a fitting punch and die, group. This system is used to convert steel strips and sheets into stations, girders, segments, and angles. The same as press brakes, the cambering machine can be utilized to modify the kind of steel. But rather than bending or folding steel sheets, then it transforms the beams and sections to horizontal or vertical arcs.

This is still another machine employed in structural steel fabrication. An ironworker is one machine that could perform several tasks like shearing, punching, notching, cambering, bending horizontal plates, angles, bars, sticks, and stations.

3 tips for companies to adapt to new technologies


People always like to do familiar activities. They want to lower the stress level and increase their sense of comfort. The technology is constantly changing. Something that worked five years back may not work now. So, companies need to adapt to the new technology. Here are some useful tips for you.

Start with the people


All your employees must understand why you are making the changes. You should ensure them that the new technology will support the company’s functions.  If you don’t send the message properly, then the employees will be reluctant to work.

Create a culture that adapts to new business needs


The business should encourage people to find their level of comfort.  In case you need to make any technological changes, the employees must first understand the technology. If needed, training programs can be arranged for learning about the new technology.

Optimize business


You should use ROI, user impact metrics, etc. to make use of the technology better. The IT department and marketing team should work together to make the business solutions more user-friendly.

You should leave room for innovation and technological growth. The technology is still evolving, and new technology will soon replace the old ones. In such situation, companies must be ready to make the changes.  It is not an easy task. But if you can prepare your workforce for anticipating the change, then they will be able to better adapt to the new situation.

3 reasons why companies hire consultants


Many of you might think why a company needs to hire an outside consultant to solve their business problems. They have good in-house resources so that they can solve their problems. But this doesn’t happen in the case of serious problems, like no profit for the last three months. Here are some good reasons why companies hire consultants.

To get an outside view


Like just mentioned, if the company doesn’t earn any profit for the past couple of months and the situation is not turning better, then it is easy to see that the in-house employees can solve the problem. So, they turn to consultants. Sometimes, the in-house employees may make the decision, but just want to confirm it with an expert before making any changes to their businesses. Consultants work with various companies to solve their problems. It is likely that they may have encountered a similar problem with other companies and so knows what will work best.

For extra workforce


Sometimes, the companies may have a shortage of efficient employee to solve major company problems. In such situations, they hire a consultant from outside. A company may have many projects that are one-off. So, hiring new employees for working on the projects will be expensive as the employees must be retained even after the project is over. So, it’s best to hire someone temporary, like a consultant. The difference between a temporary worker and a consultant is that a consultant is a highly qualified person.

For specialized skills


When a company needs specialized skills to complete a project, they hire consultants. Hiring consultants is cheaper than hiring a permanent employee for this kind of specialized job. You cannot dismiss a permanent employee after the completion of the project. So, you end up paying more in the long run.

So, you now see how consultants can support companies. A consultant is a good problem solver. You will benefit from hiring one in time of need.

5 processes you must automate immediately to grow your business


Everyone wants their business to be profitable. But one mistake most of them do is get involved in the daily operations of business instead of focusing on the bigger goals of the company. That’s why automation is necessary. Here are five processes you must automate right away to make your business more efficient.

Website management


The website today works as a marketing machine and not as a brochure only. The website must take care of all the traffic that gets in and make every effort for maximum conversion. You should have a well-managed website for growing business which includes maintenance and care. So, you won’ t have to worry about these. You can go for managed hosting option which will give you speed, security, automatic updates, technical support, zero downtime and regular backups.



You can save time by making this process automatic. Analytics is important as you need to know what results you are getting for your investment. You can automate all the data using a centralized dashboard. This dashboard will monitor numbers that come from various functions, like support, sales, marketing, social media, accounting and more. You can create custom widgets to monitor everything you need. You can have customized reporting system to get reports in real time.

Customer Support

You can create an automated customer support system. For example, create communities, build FAQ, etc. You will be able to save a lot of time by automating this process.

Social Media Automation


Instead of spending more time on updating information on your social media every day, you can schedule your updates for now and the future. There are tools that can identify your followers and ask them to engage with your latest updates. You can automatically follow others who will follow you.

Email Automation


There are many automatic email service providers that will send automatic emails to your prospective clients during a campaign. You can schedule the time to send the email to match appropriate time and purpose. For example, if you are sending information about Christmas promotion, then you should send the email days before the Christmas.

There are many sophisticated tools available that make it easy to automate your various business processes. You can achieve better results by such automation.