Automatic Fire Sprinkler System – Flow Test

An automated fire sprinkler system is a security step necessary to be set up in certain types of buildings to the security of life. In Australia, each State and Territory lays out particular legislation Together with this Building Code of Australia to establish the need for the setup and maintenance of those systems. Once set up an automatic fire sprinkler system is occasionally scrutinized, analyzed and researched (preserved) to guarantee the system will function based on its approved layout and will keep doing so before the next scheduled maintenance task. A leak test, also called a water source demonstrating test is a practical evaluation & measurement of this water source to get an automatic fire sprinkler system.┬áContact Safe Fire Electricals for fire sprinkler systems in South Australia. The evaluation is conducted to ensure there’s an adequate source of water (pressure and flow) to meet the accepted layout & need of the irrigation system.
The performance standards (baseline info) that create the accepted design of the automated fire sprinkler system is listed in included in their mandatory commissioning documentation and “Sprinkler Block Plan.”

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The block program records details such as the type, place & characteristics of every water source, the type, capacity and place of every pump-set, the kind and the dimensions and location of every sprinkler installation. The block program will even record the elevation of their very egregious sprinkler head, together with other associated details.
The flow evaluation measures the flow and pressure of every water source such as pumped water provides. The pressure and flow rate is measured using calibrated indicators together with the outcomes recorded for later evaluation.
In conclusion, the results are entered into a report that has the essential pressure & flow standards of the approved layout for the flame automated irrigation system; particulars of every water source, tanks, and pumps. The flow and pressure rates are then plotted on a trend chart to ascertain the pass/fail standards.
A leak evaluation is ideally completed yearly on the anniversary of this date that the machine was commissioned. Since each building differs, the requirements and time necessary to complete every evaluation are likewise distinct. Sometimes, the building owner, the representative of the operator or a representative of their owner’s insurance company might love to see the test.
Precautions – Before carrying out a leak evaluation, precautions must be taken to ensure the following:
A job safety evaluation is conducted along with a safe work method statement is ready; and there is enough capacity to cater to your discharge and also to drain the large quantities of water required to execute the flow evaluation; and every precaution set out in AS1851 was considered, and proper actions were taken.
Maintenance Basics has developed a systematic approach for carrying out an automatic fire sprinkler system leak evaluation that provides consistent results.

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